Happy 4th Birthday!!

Spike Spike turned four the day Dani and Richard were married.  We celebrated his birthday the day before so he didn’t feel forgotten.  In our house, we open birthday presents first thing in the morning and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ before everyone leaves for work and/or school.  So in these photos with the presents, everyone has bed head because they literally just got out of bed.  We sang, opened presents, said family prayers, and those who needed to leave did.  The rest of us listened to Spike play his beautiful music. 

Here are the photos:

As a side note, Spike has been asking for a “Dog Guitar” since we went to playgroup a few weeks ago and one of the kids brought it.  He didn’t get a chance to play with it because the one who was playing with it wouldn’t share it…….because she really like it too.  So he was pretty excited to have one.  Now he plays it every day, sleeps with it at night, and talks about taking it to play group.  I don’t know if I will let him do that, but it is what he wants.

I don’t have any idea where he saw the tongue thing but I do it when I shoot baskets and Slim does it all the time too.  It might just be in our genes……?

Later that night, we had cake.  Spike, because of his allergies, had to have special hot dogs, special bread, special powdered sugar (for frosting), special cake, and special ice cream.  When I called Drew to tell him that Spike’s birthday dinner (birthday person chooses the menu) was going to be $50 for hot dogs, cake and ice cream, he had a heart attack.  He asked me if we couldn’t pare that down.  So I figured out that it was cheaper to buy another cake and frosting, than to buy enough powdered sugar that Spike could eat for all of us to have his cake.  So we made two.  And we decided to just do without the ice cream.  That cut it down $20.  Seriously.  And we had the missionaries stop by!!  They brought him presents and that made him feel super special, and we obviously had plenty of cake.

Happy Birthday Spike Spike!!  I cannot believe you are four!!  The cake with the strawberries?  That is the special one…the powdered sugar for that cake? $6……..just for enough to sort of cover one cake!  Sheesh!

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