6 crazy weeks of substituting.

I cannot believe summer is almost over!  We have had a super crazy summer!  It has literally flown by.  June, we all finished out school, seminary and participated in seminary graduation.  The first two weeks home were just trying to adjust to not having a defined schedule and Speedy and Sun got to attend EFY!!  Plus we sent Spanky back to Utah.  July we had girls’ camp, and a crazy week of Dani and Richard’s wedding and family photos (I haven’t seen them by the way, when they show up, I’ll let you know).  Now it is the middle of August and we are already starting school, with seminary a little more than a week away, and then sending Scuff back to Utah and BOOM–back into the swing of school and seminary!  Wow–whirlwind, I tell you!

copyright: Karen Larsen photography

Right before camp, a girlfriend asked me if I would substitute for two weeks teaching the Sunbeams (3 year-olds at church).  She actually asked me to sub for four weeks–two in July and two in August.  I told her the two in August were too close to seminary beginning and I would need to focus on that.  No problem.  After my two weeks in Sunbeams, my friend was sick, didn’t come to church and the Primary President asked me after sacrament meeting if I could substitute one more week.  OK sure.

The next week, they asked me to teach Relief Society (adult women), which I did last Sunday.  This week and next week, they have asked me to teach the youth Sunday School class (12-18).  I was going to tell them ‘no’ but had the thought that it really is just my kids in the class and the topic is on the family.  Who would do a better job teaching her own children about the family?  Oh ya—their mother!  Duh!!  So that is what I am doing this week and where I will be.

copyright:  Karen Larsen photography

Seminary starts a week from Monday.  So much for any time off, huh?

Quick update:  Our youth Sunday school teacher is going to be here this week!   Her plans changed!  So I will only be substituting next week.  I can breathe!

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