FFF #27–Dishonor in my Famiry #2

Remember this post?  It shouldn’t be hard.  It was two days ago. 

I had planned on posting something totally different today, however, as circumstances would dictate, another topic would give you greater clarity into my emotional status.

I received my first traffic ticket EVER last night.  It was 10 p.m.  Drew wanted to go and pick up his check from work to deposit it into the bank right then and there, so he could pay the bills.  I usually go to bed at 10.  I did not want to go.  I was not amused.  But because it was important to him and he wanted my company and with his work schedule we have not been able to spend very much time together, I decided to go.  It is not like work is far away.  10 minutes, seriously.  Half way there, I noticed the car following me closely.  I was trying to decide if it was a police officer when he hit the lights.

My husband was ecstatic!  He has been waiting for me to get a ticket.  He is sure I deserve one.  I think he is wrong, and sick and twisted.  But now he was here to witness the event.  Yea for him.  I was tired, frustrated, nervous, and didn’t feel very supported.

I don’t have any idea why he pulled me over, but he wrote the citation for expired plates.  Not even a speeding ticket—-HA!!  Take that, Drew! 

We had registered the car in September, so I didn’t have any idea why the plates were expired, except that the registration only went through February of 2015.  Usually, here in the United States, especially in California, about a month before your plates expire, they send you a little notice that says, “Hey your plates are going to expire, send us money today!”  Then Drew and I send the money, get our little sticker, put it on the car and we are good to go.

Neither of us looks at the registration, ever!  We just pay the little notice when it comes and that is how it works.

The little notice didn’t come.  So neither Drew nor I thought anything about it.

This morning I went to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to register the car this morning at 8 a.m. when they opened.  If you wait any amount of time, the line at the DMV is huge and they take forever!  You can be there for hours!  First thing in the morning is best if you do not have an appointment.  The first available appointment was August 26th, by the way.  I checked first.  Drat!  That meant I had to go and stand in line.  It was 7:45 when I realized I would have to go in.  So I ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took off my pajamas, threw on some pants, gave Scuff instructions to help Spike and ran off to the DMV.

The line wasn’t long.  I only waited, maybe 15 minutes…….Awesome!  And it only cost me $182!  Awesome!  (Total sarcasm that you cannot hear in my writing!)  Registering the car normally costs $30—only $132 fine.  Fabulous!  And I found out why I didn’t pay the registration when it came in the mail.  Because they never sent it out.  There was some kind of a hold on my record that prevented them from mailing it and that I was unaware of and they didn’t tell me about (so I could correct it).  Isn’t that great?!!  Ugh!!

By then it was 8:30 a.m.  So I ran down to the police department, because I also had to have them sign off that I had corrected the problem.  They get busy the later the day goes too.  Might as well take care of that now.  It was empty.  The lady behind the counter said, “I am just now entering your citation!”  Yes, I do not like things left unresolved.  I do not have that kind of time to try and remember all of those pesky little details that I need to do something about.  I would rather just take care of it now.

I still have to go to the courthouse now and pay the ticket.  Lovely.  More money.  Ugh!

When we arrived home last night we told the boys who were still awake.  Sport, as always, was the comic relief, “Dishonor Mom!!  Dishonor in our Famiry!!”

I still wasn’t laughing—not today either!

It looked like this one.

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