First Big Boy Job!!

Slim got his first ‘real’ job on Friday!!  He will be a tutor at an early college high school and periodically substitute teaching in their English classes!

He is super excited and we are excited for him.  Of course, it couldn’t be a full-time job because then they would have to offer him benefits!  Ugh!  But, it is a job in a field he desires, will give him a network of people to work within and give him work experience in that field!  Yea Slim!!!

He called Friday afternoon to tell us after his Friday morning interview.  He was pretty stoked!

Speedy and Shorty had a camp out this weekend.  Poor Speedy didn’t get home until four that afternoon and had to leave at four fifteen!  He threw stuff together and headed out.  But he sent me this photo the day before:

Cracked me up!

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