Mother’s Day Highlights and Lowlights

Lows—The kitchen was a disaster–no one did the dishes on Saturday night because we were wiped out or sick. Sun had her Spring Review, where all day Saturday she and I were at the theater rehearsing and preparing.  We  didn’t get home until 3:30 and then had to be back at the theater at 5:15, and weren’t home until 9 p.m.She did a fabulous job, by the way….I will try to upload it and see how that works.  (I decided I am going to give her her own post….I’ll publish it in a couple of days…)
But, Sunday morning, I had to clean the kitchen before I could make any breakfast, or bread for the sacrament. And three of the kids woke up sick!  Usually the boys will make the sacrament bread, since it is their responsibility, but they were both feeling sick.  So I took care of it!  And I had cooked some beans on Friday, to use for dinner on Saturday, but because the time we were home was so short, I didn’t have time to do what I planned, or to take care of those beans.  So they sat until Sunday morning and then if I didn’t use them, they were going to go bad.  So I had to manage those too.  I just decided to make dinner early and put it into the crock pot, so I wouldn’t have to do it when I got home from church.
Yes…..this angel did it!
Spike Spike was a total turkey during sacrament meeting.  He made loud noises during the singing.  He chose a piece of bread for the sacrament, then decided that he didn’t want that one because it had a crust.  When I took it off of the tray, and then took one for him and then he was mad.  So he laid down on the bench and wouldn’t sit up.  He has gotten big enough now that I cannot just pick him up and put him onto my lap.  I asked him to get up and while they said the prayer.  He refused.  So I tried to pick him up to put him on my lap and then bent his ankles backward because he is too long and my arms are too short!!  So he was mad again.  Then he pretended to snore during the sacrament.  Then at the end of the meeting, he wanted to go to primary even though they asked us to stay in our seats to receive our Mother’s Day gifts.  He took off.  I followed him and when he saw me trailing him, he sped up and went faster.  He made it to the men’s room before me, and looked right at me and said, “you can’t come in here…boys only” then he shut the door.  I was furious!!!  I sat right outside the door and as soon as he opened it I grabbed him up and told him that he could just wait to go to the bathroom.  But we got all of that sorted.  Then even though I was standing at the back of the chapel, they totally skipped me when handing out the gifts.  That wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I am the one who decided what they were, did the leg work, and help Drew put them all together!  Yes, seriously!  But at least Drew noticed and brought one out to me–which I appreciated—appreciated that he noticed, and appreciated that he remedied it.
I felt like I should call my father’s wife to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, which I did and was fine.  But then she put me on the phone with my dad who asked how my day was and I made the mistake of telling him.  Then he wanted to fix the problem for me and give me parenting advice.  (That is not the right answer, by the way….)  It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if he knew me at all or had any idea how I parent.  But since, in the last 25 years of my parenting experience, he has never really observed my parenting and isn’t really aware of how functional my children are, and did I mention I have raised four from beginning to launched already—–.  It probably would have also helped if I felt like I could express any of my feelings to him, which I can’t seem to manage.  So I couldn’t just say, “Thanks for your help Dad, but I got it covered”.  I just had to get off of the phone before I said something unkind.  And then I was just frustrated!
On the good side, my Young Women from seminary skipped out on Sunday school to bring me a Mother’s Day gift—even three of them who do not come to seminary!!!  The bad side is that they came while I was skyping Sport so I didn’t get to see them.  But the thoughts were sweet!  And it made me feel special 🙂
And I did get to skype my missionary and talk to all of my kiddos.  Plus several of my dear friends who I don’t hear from too often, sent me text wishes–including my best friend from high school and my dearest friend whose husband passed away last year.  Slim was able to attend her son’s open house farewell for his missionary service.  Then he stayed and helped them clean up.  She just said how awesome it was having a piece of Drew and I there for their special day.  So those are sweet memories!!  
Next year, I hope things go a little better.  I am not exactly sure what I want, but I would like it if I didn’t have to clean the kitchen—at all!  And maybe if I didn’t have to cook either.  But we shall see.  I hope your Mother’s Day had some beautiful moments also!!  And I hope we aren’t sick!

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