Drew’s 50th Birthday Wake!!

My husband had a great day!!  He decided that living for half of a century is actually a pretty cool accomplishment.  He doesn’t feel old or bad about his age and he isn’t having any mid-life crises about hitting that 50 milestone.  He really sees things differently than the rest of the world.  He even told me that he was born about 1:30 a.m.  And in the middle of the night of his birthday, he was awake then.  He just thought is was so cool that he was awake when he hit the true hour of his 50th year on earth and then he stayed up for two more hours contemplating how amazing his life is.  See?  Just a strange man I am married to.

But I wanted to play it all up anyway.  So the kids and I planned a wake.  Here is his tombstone cake:

Our wake room:
My birthday present to him…..which, he didn’t really appreciate, by the way…..he doesn’t like that term.  But I thought it was hysterical!!!!

And here we all are in our mourning gear:

 Sun got a little carried away with the selfies….but they are super cute!
 And Spike wanted to ‘rock out’ on his dog guitar…..

All in all, it was a great day!!!
Just in case you are wondering, I have not been able to get Sun’s performance to load….still working on that.  And life got super crazy with the end of seminary.  We have seminary graduation on Sunday.  I will report more later….with more photos.  Hopefully more blogging now that seminary is over.

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