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Today, I am grateful for light. It seems like such a small thing…but it really is something we take for granted and we cannot live without. We don’t notice how important it is until it is gone and dark.

I LOVE the morning sun as it begins to illuminate the sky. I want my breakfast table basking in that morning sun. It brings me peace and hope and recognition that a it is a new day and I have new opportunities. It warms my heart and motivates my behavior.

There is another form of light, another Son, that warms my heart and motivates my behavior. It is the Son of God, our Savior Jesus Christ. His light, His life, His example helps me to see in times of spiritual and emotional darkness. As I exercise my faith, the light from His doctrines illuminates my path. I may not see the entire vision, but I usually have enough light to move forward until more light gives me greater sight.

Sometimes in order to move forward in our lives, we just need to be able to see, whether that light comes in a physical form or just a vision of the possibilities that lie before us. That knowledge can come from something we read, or see, or hear. It can come from other people, something they say or do or are.

A girlfriend and I were talking one day. We were discussing people. She said, “Some people are light givers. And some people are light suckers.” I want to be a light giver. I want to help people believe they can do it! They can be more! They can become! They can DO! I may not be able to illuminate their path or their life, but I can motivate them to look for the light, or more importantly, to look TO the LIGHT!


copyright: Karen Larsen photography
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