We have a motto in our home. I had my sister in law cross stitch it so we can have it on the wall: In This Home, We Practice and Promote Growth and Development. I wanted my children to know that growth isn’t an option, it is a requirement. I don’t know if you have noticed…..but growth is painful. One of my dear friends has children who experience growing pains as their… Read More

Today, I am grateful for light. It seems like such a small thing…but it really is something we take for granted and we cannot live without. We don’t notice how important it is until it is gone and dark. I LOVE the morning sun as it begins to illuminate the sky. I want my breakfast table basking in that morning sun. It brings me peace and hope and recognition that a it… Read More

Well… much has happened in my life and it has been so long since I posted anything! But today the Prophet asked us to post about the things we are grateful for….and right now, right here, for today, that is FAITH. I am so grateful for the concept and principle of faith. It can be as simple as going to bed every night, knowing you will wake up the next morning, to… Read More